Vampy tours EVANGELION WORLD at Fuji-Q Highland Themepark in Japan!


Hey everyone!

You all know what a huge Evangelion fan I am so naturally I had to check out everything Evangelion in Japan most importantly EVANGELION WORLD at Fuji-Q Highland Themepark in Japan! Here’s a look inside the magic!

~ Vampy

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Vampy gives you a tour of the Kamen Rider Diner in Ikebukuro, Japan!


Hey everyone!

This past year, I had the pleasure to visit Japan so naturally I headed to the Kamen Rider Diner in Ikebukuro!

~ Vampy

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Interview with Marcus Fenix from Gears of War


My interview with Project Triforce’s Marcus Fenix Epic Scale Gold Bust Lancer Edition ( )

You can check him out here

( )

Project Triforce’s FB

Project Triforce Website

Linda Le / Vampy (Host)

Directed / Editing by Long Vo

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New Felicia Cosplay Prints at Comic Con 2012


Hey everyone!

Just finished a new cosplay shoot with Long Vo of Go Ninja of my new Darkstalkers Felicia cosplay (the MVC3 alternate color). I’ll be giving away prints with every purchase of the new Marvel VS Capcom Hardcover limited edition book from Udon Entertainment! Be sure to find me at the Udon booth at Comic Con to get the prints signed!

For now, here’s a sneak preview!

Get your limited edition prints at Comic Con 2012 w purchase of the Hardcover MVC3 book from Udon Entertainment!

Get your limited edition prints at Comic Con 2012 w purchase of the Hardcover MVC3 book from Udon Entertainment!

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The day has finally ARRIVED *^_^* Vampy High Quality T-Shirts


Hi everyone~!
I am happy to announce that Vampy Collab T-Shirts are now available in all sizes and colors in the Vampy Store.
They are all made of high quality mid-weight cotton and can withstand heavy hours of anime marathoning and gaming furiously! Artwork by renowned artist Long Vo.

(Click on Link to Purchase/Limited Quantities in Small/Med/Large/XL/XXL)
For a limited time, I will throw in KusoPOP Vinyl Sticker pack with every purchase! Extremely limited quantities for the shirts, so please get them before they are gone.

DSC_5631bcollin new oneDSC_5612bDSC_5629bcollin back

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VampyBitMe Zombie Gurrrl painted Collaboration with Sculpter TK Miller is now for sale!


Hi everyone!
I am elated as well as couldn’t really fathom the day of this actually coming~!

Zombie Gurrrl Collaboration Pictures are here on my blog, with the official Press release  information concerning garage kits and fully hand painted sculptures by the esteemed artist himself TK Miller.

Official Press Release

The first of the HFB line has arrived!

Zombie Gurrrl! featuring the likeness of Vampy Bitme :iconvampbeauty:! Sculpted and painted by TK Miller, wax, 16 inches in height, 2011.

Stay tuned for more projects in the HFB line to be announced soon!

The Vampy Bitme ZOMBIE GURRRL! is now available as garage kits, limited edition pre-painted statues, and extremely limited edition of bronzes at:


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A Dream Cosplay Build for 2012 Part 2



Reference pictures of Teresa scattered the work room with pauldrons and painted skirt armor

Hey everyone *^_^*
This weekend Meagan Marie and I headed back up to Sacramento, CA to work on more Claymore cosplay with our cosplay collaboration group Mantium Designs! We worked 20+ hours in two days, which came about many challenges and also ended with a few victories since then. We finished quite a bit since our last visit, and had the chance to assemble and fit our armor, as well as did quite a bit of sewing. Well, here is our progress!


molded Claymore backpacks of Teresa and Clare


still much to do since after the first visit, bolting screws and measuring over and over to get the exact fit on each of us took hours to get it right with the team


I see Meagan :D

I see Meagan :D



supplies .... bolts, screws, and more screws!!


fastening and measuring Teresa's armor chest plate, the difference in Clare's is tremendous!


after casting, we bot on wings to the backpack


checking how far apart the pauldrons should sit on my shoulder, this took the longest since they had to sit on my upper chest correctly, heavy molding to the body was endured through the day


its not a mess, its inspiration :D


fitted piece for Meagan's top armor! We were rejoicing at the fit and the outcome of all the work involved by this time.


Side by side comparisons of my armor and Meagan's, considerably difference since I'm super Chibi and she's super tall :D


Checking out Clare's pieces, they still need a way to fasten them but final polishing within the next few weeks should be good for this piece


Once again, always having reference close by, I then start to pattern the finished bodysuit (each was about 2 1/2 yards of fabric including pants) I used regular tape to map out where I was going to cut instead of a pen or fabric chalk so I couldn't mess up the white)


Tip: Its better to cut off less than you need since you may need to bring up the seam for snags, always cut small pieces off initially.


I have a tendancy to free-hand all my cutting, but for those who want to be 100% accurate, use a large (curved) ruler


Sewing elastic bands on silver metal clasps to hold the armor in place


Skirt armor still needed to be molded, the process of getting each piece to conform to every side of her body for a very Claymore realistic effect.


aaaaaand after molding ^_^


Meagan capturing how our team actually puts on a set of finished armor :)


Getting a weekend in the Star Wars room made the whole trip beyond complete!

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Scott Tolleson’s New Bernie Cotton makes great friends *^_^*



click for larger images :)



Scott Tolleson has just announced the official release of his new plush figure from the Nosellots line, “Bernie Cotton“! Bernie is the second plush released from Scott Tolleson and Screaming Sky Gallery, and just like with his last release He is 13” tall and is made from heavy fleece material. The green version will be available at your local designer toy store, while the pink Bernie is available only through Screaming Sky Gallery HERE for just $25. These plush figures are so great, and Scott plans on releasing so many more in his Nosellots line… in fact, up next is “Francis”, so stay tuned!

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A Dream Cosplay Build for 2012, Claymore


Hey everyone!
Since this is my first post for 2012 I made sure it was going to be an intense one.

This past weekend, dear friend and Cosplay darling Meagan Marie and I headed a few hours away to work on a collaboration cosplay together. As an avid fan of girls with huge swords, dark manga and anime, I have always dreamt of cosplaying  Claymore, in particular,  Teresa of the Faint Smile. My stab at it earlier in 2011 of a progress picture below:

(Prep without hiding of the freckles, Silver contacts, and new wig cut)
(Prep without hiding of the freckles, Silver contacts, and new wig cut)

I posted this picture showing my progress and felt as though as a fan of Claymore, I would die to be next to another cosplayer that had the same love for the series as I did. Overall we cosplay to connect, and we cosplay because we are genuine fans. I am glad I posted because Meagan was just as excited as I was. So this is where our journey starts to finally becoming Claymores.

Katsucon is about a month away and we wanted to collaborate together on our dream cosplay since we both are guests. This past weekend we headed a few hours away to do so. We decided to accurately depict such immensely intense costumes and mimic the accuracy. We needed to learn from some of the best. By doing so we both put in our first 16+ hours of work in nonstop in 1.5 days, with our team of Kris, Adam, and Mike as our accomplices who want to be disclosed for now.

Cutting and assembling strips of carbon fiber strips to a mold for Claymore pauldrons
pressing to set…. pressing and more pressing…
working side by side with Meagan with assistance of Michael, :) Thanks Mike!


vacuforming carbon fiber pieces to set placement in mold
molds for armor skirt and finished molded and straighten wire frames
mixed and poured into casting, 2 hours to set
sanded and prepped, initial spray painting of bottom armor pieces
cutting more wire pieces for armor molds
sized and cut armor pre stages, with steel emblems (Clare and Teresa)

The team decided that we needed to test of the swords.

claymore14and of course we did just that ^_~
to be continued…….


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ZombCon Unveiling: TK MILLER X VAMPY Sculpture Collab of “ZOMBIEGIRL”


Hello everyone~
I’m so excited to unveil the TK MILLER X VAMPY project to you here today.After months of contemplating and the hard work of TK MILLER , best known for his insanely gorgeous work at Sideshow Collectables, and after much preparation, our visions combined for this sculpture has finally come alive, or should I say rose above the grave! His finished work can be see in all its entirety at ZombCon International this weekend at Booth 502.

Zombie Vampy

We are giving a panel to talk about our collaboration during ZombCon on Friday at 10 AM, with GEEKSCAPE’s Jonathan London.

More updates to come.


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