Akumu Ink means serious Nightmare business!



Clothes! Who doesn’t wear them?(dont answer that XD) But clothes that are uniquely made and smothered in blood spatter and gore galore?! Now that’s something I have to blog about. Meet Akumu Ink,¬† Akumu means Nightmare in Japanese (*oooohhh aaahh*). This clothing brand is a night terror’s dream land. The creators¬†based their t-shirt designs on (yep) nightmares.¬† Akumu is an indie brand with artist Joey and heavy duty manager Dora– the sole owners of Akuma Ink.¬† Their designs range from cute monsters to Jason-esque hockey¬†mask/chainsaw-wielding little girls.¬† As for the quality of the shirts, they’re meticulous in their details using a scratch-board technique. They are¬†silkscreened on American Apparel shirts as well¬†so you know you can wear this garment for as long as you can mosh around in a pit(or just roam around aimless like the zombie you are). I’m actually sporting some today and I don’t think I wanna take them off for a week ’cause they’re that awesome. <3


Check out their blog, and facebook :D

You’re most favorite Akumu goblin,
Vampy >:)


Akumu Ink facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Akumu-Ink/10612146821

Akumu on Twitter: http://twitter.com/akumuink

*pictures done with reg. point and shoot/no edits/random ground was dirty, and I liked it*

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  1. sirdavidstewart says:

    Linda, Linda, Linda, you are a beautiful muse.

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