A Dream Cosplay Build for 2012 Part 2



Reference pictures of Teresa scattered the work room with pauldrons and painted skirt armor

Hey everyone *^_^*
This weekend Meagan Marie and I headed back up to Sacramento, CA to work on more Claymore cosplay with our cosplay collaboration group Mantium Designs! We worked 20+ hours in two days, which came about many challenges and also ended with a few victories since then. We finished quite a bit since our last visit, and had the chance to assemble and fit our armor, as well as did quite a bit of sewing. Well, here is our progress!


molded Claymore backpacks of Teresa and Clare


still much to do since after the first visit, bolting screws and measuring over and over to get the exact fit on each of us took hours to get it right with the team


I see Meagan :D

I see Meagan :D



supplies .... bolts, screws, and more screws!!


fastening and measuring Teresa's armor chest plate, the difference in Clare's is tremendous!


after casting, we bot on wings to the backpack


checking how far apart the pauldrons should sit on my shoulder, this took the longest since they had to sit on my upper chest correctly, heavy molding to the body was endured through the day


its not a mess, its inspiration :D


fitted piece for Meagan's top armor! We were rejoicing at the fit and the outcome of all the work involved by this time.


Side by side comparisons of my armor and Meagan's, considerably difference since I'm super Chibi and she's super tall :D


Checking out Clare's pieces, they still need a way to fasten them but final polishing within the next few weeks should be good for this piece


Once again, always having reference close by, I then start to pattern the finished bodysuit (each was about 2 1/2 yards of fabric including pants) I used regular tape to map out where I was going to cut instead of a pen or fabric chalk so I couldn't mess up the white)


Tip: Its better to cut off less than you need since you may need to bring up the seam for snags, always cut small pieces off initially.


I have a tendancy to free-hand all my cutting, but for those who want to be 100% accurate, use a large (curved) ruler


Sewing elastic bands on silver metal clasps to hold the armor in place


Skirt armor still needed to be molded, the process of getting each piece to conform to every side of her body for a very Claymore realistic effect.


aaaaaand after molding ^_^


Meagan capturing how our team actually puts on a set of finished armor :)


Getting a weekend in the Star Wars room made the whole trip beyond complete!

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  1. m29matt says:

    Nice! That shoulder armor is looking kickass \m/

  2. Vampy says:

    thank you so much <3333 \m/^o^\m/

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