A Dream Cosplay Build for 2012, Claymore


Hey everyone!
Since this is my first post for 2012 I made sure it was going to be an intense one.

This past weekend, dear friend and Cosplay darling Meagan Marie and I headed a few hours away to work on a collaboration cosplay together. As an avid fan of girls with huge swords, dark manga and anime, I have always dreamt of cosplaying  Claymore, in particular,  Teresa of the Faint Smile. My stab at it earlier in 2011 of a progress picture below:

(Prep without hiding of the freckles, Silver contacts, and new wig cut)
(Prep without hiding of the freckles, Silver contacts, and new wig cut)

I posted this picture showing my progress and felt as though as a fan of Claymore, I would die to be next to another cosplayer that had the same love for the series as I did. Overall we cosplay to connect, and we cosplay because we are genuine fans. I am glad I posted because Meagan was just as excited as I was. So this is where our journey starts to finally becoming Claymores.

Katsucon is about a month away and we wanted to collaborate together on our dream cosplay since we both are guests. This past weekend we headed a few hours away to do so. We decided to accurately depict such immensely intense costumes and mimic the accuracy. We needed to learn from some of the best. By doing so we both put in our first 16+ hours of work in nonstop in 1.5 days, with our team of Kris, Adam, and Mike as our accomplices who want to be disclosed for now.

Cutting and assembling strips of carbon fiber strips to a mold for Claymore pauldrons
pressing to set…. pressing and more pressing…
working side by side with Meagan with assistance of Michael, :) Thanks Mike!


vacuforming carbon fiber pieces to set placement in mold
molds for armor skirt and finished molded and straighten wire frames
mixed and poured into casting, 2 hours to set
sanded and prepped, initial spray painting of bottom armor pieces
cutting more wire pieces for armor molds
sized and cut armor pre stages, with steel emblems (Clare and Teresa)

The team decided that we needed to test of the swords.

claymore14and of course we did just that ^_~
to be continued…….


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13 Responses to “A Dream Cosplay Build for 2012, Claymore”

  1. snowking68 says:

    Did you eat the water melon

  2. Vampy says:

    We ended up leaving right after to head home :o

  3. mjavor says:

    wow, I want one!!!

  4. dannylam4 says:

    Watermelon smashin to a whole new level! And you have freckles?! So cute (◕ ‿ ◕ )

  5. coffeebugg says:

    You know how to handle power tools!! MARRY ME!!!

  6. Vampy says:

    aw yeah, when I was younger I was on the Volleyball team and softball team, so heavy sunlight damage to the skin=freckles :D Glad they are socially regarded by you as not a defect :D

  7. Vampy says:

    I wish Marriage was always that easy for people after handling power tools! then everyone would be happy right? xD

  8. m29matt says:

    Looks great! :3 That looks like carbon fiber for the shoulder armor, but what kind of resin/plastic did you use for the armor skirt?

  9. dannylam4 says:

    You could grow a new arm and I wouldn’t call it a defect. It’d be just an extra cosplay making tool.

  10. coffeebugg says:

    Well, I’ve been told that I’d make a fine house-hubby; cooking cleaning, doing the laundry and stuff.. So I guess that evens out/. xD

  11. Brotherhood619 says:

    I started off on Deviantart saw the Psylocke images and was like ooo pretty… Now after reading this, I’m actually interested in the makings of it. Must have cast a spell or something… But seriously, this reminds me of the workshops back in college.

    Do you ever post up rough costs? I always thought vacuum forming could be expensive, but I could be wrong.

  12. spike85 says:

    Kind of like the new age Galligar with the watermelons :)

  13. Gaell says:

    LOL Carbon fiber?! Badass

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